After many stumbles, Genesis begins to walk

Genesis with mother and Dr EstradaGenesis Catavi, age 3, visited our Antigua clinic starting in February when we started our Children’s Health Initiative (Niño Sano). When our doctors first saw her, she was having problems walking—she fell a lot and couldn’t walk in a straight line. She was also constantly clenching her fist and had muscle damage around her thumb because of it.

Clinic staff sent her to see a physiatrist, who referred her to get fitted for orthopedic braces—for her leg and wrist—as well as a shoe insert. Common Hope paid for the braces and all of her appointments with specialists.

Genesis came for a check-up recently, and she is doing very well. She’s walking all over the place, and her mother is very pleased. Dr. Walter Estrada is very pleased as well. He says, “There are things in life we cannot change because we aren’t God. But we were able to do something so she can live a better life.”

More photos of Genesis below:

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