Parents and kids have great fun at Family Day

Family Day

Costumes were part of the fun of Family Day. More photos of the event below!

Our staff are continually striving to involve parents more deeply in their children’s education and development. This can be a challenge, because parents and kids don’t often get to spend a lot of time together. Parents are busy working, and it’s rare that they have a day to just play and enjoy their kids.

Enter the Family Day on July 21, put on by youth group and library staff Jovita Tay and Jacqueline Figueroa. The carnival-like activities gave families a space to communicate, play, have fun, and spend quality time together.

Eight stations with games were set up, and each family went from station to station to play. They collected tickets at each, which could be redeemed for prizes. In addition to the games, families spent time in the library and enjoyed a snack together. Youth helped prepare the snack: tostadas with beans, fruit, and juice.

Jovita and Jacqueline were enthusiastic about the success of the event. Most families were shy about playing the games when they first got there, says Jovita, but eventually, they got more comfortable, opened up, and had a great time. They cheered each other on and enjoyed each others’ company. Staff hope to invite more families and have a higher attendance next year.

Another way that parents are being involved in their kids’ education and development is through an important event series going on right now for youth: career planning workshops, which are being held weekly now through the end of September.

Two of the sessions are with parents, during which kids can discuss their interests and career goals, and parents can learn more about how their child can best discern a fitting career path. Jovita says the goal of the workshops is to help youth identify a career that aligns well with their skills and interests, so there is less changing of majors during high school, making kids all the more likely to graduate.

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