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Diamond jubilee gift + theoretical math = new support

We’ve received a burst of donations from the UK after Oxford mathematician and Common Hope sponsor Marcus du Sautoy gave The Queen a very unusual diamond jubilee gift: a hyper-dimensional symmetrical object. The gift got a lot of press in the UK (BBC, London Times, WIRED, Oxford University, Oxford Times) and the articles mentioned Marcus’s project, […]

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Andrea and Luly

A tale of two teachers

High school teacher Andrea Aronson traveled to Guatemala this summer to volunteer in the Antigua preschool. She worked alongside a bright, talented young woman named Luly, a student teacher who showed a real knack for managing the classroom and relating to the children. This wasn’t the first time the two teachers had met—Luly was just […]

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Meet Vision Team Coordinator Rebecca Tatham

Position: Vision Team Coordinator Time with Common Hope:  16 months Favorite Guatemalan cuisine:  Pepián #1 Travel Essential: Toilet Paper! 1.      How did you come to volunteer here at Common Hope?  I came back to Guatemala in January 2010 to finish some university studies. Although this was my third time in Guatemala, I knew that I […]

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The tortoise and hare come to life

The library held a special event for Children’s Day in Guatemala on October 1. More than 130 children enjoyed a special cake and piñata and then the biggest highlight of the day: a spirited re-enactment of The Tortoise and the Hare, complete with full costumes. Hooray for fun with reading!

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Sporty success at New Hope School

Students at New Hope School are avid participants in extracurricular sports, and as a result they have become strong athletes. The school participants in a number of tournaments with area schools, and New Hope students have done very well in many of them. The school hosted a big gymnastics tournament for Independence Day in September, […]

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