Reading, Writing, and Math Contest in San Rafael

Reading-Writing-Math Contest

A San Rafael teacher works with students during the contest.

by Lesbia Marroquín, San Rafael Coordinator

I want to share with you an activity that we held last week at school. Through the School Partner Initiative, Education Promoter Ligia Pol organized a contest in reading, writing, and math between the three sections of first grade. Each class had five participants who competed as a team against the other classes, and all participants received a certificate and a medal. This activity was the first of its kind in San Rafael.

Since we started working in San Rafael, it has been quite a process to get to this point. Even a few years ago, we thought it unlikely that kids of this age would be able to express themselves, stand in front of their peers, participate, and ultimately reach a reading level that has been extremely difficult for first graders. These kinds of activities not only motivate teachers to be more creative in the classroom but they also encourage student attendance, and they help form a foundation which will help students be successful beyond first grade.

More photos from the event here.

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