Sporty success at New Hope School

Students at New Hope School are avid participants in extracurricular sports, and as a result they have become strong athletes. The school participants in a number of tournaments with area schools, and New Hope students have done very well in many of them.

The school hosted a big gymnastics tournament for Independence Day in September, with 18 schools participating. New Hope students again performed very well—New Hope fifth grade, sixth grade, and kindergarten gymnasts won first place in their respective competitions, and two other grades won second place. Earlier this year, New Hope School hosted soccer and a basketball tourneys. The New Hope boy’s team took first in soccer and the New Hope girl’s team took first in basketball.

In all their competitions with other schools this year, New Hope has taken home a whopping nine trophies. Congrats to New Hope students for your athletic success!

Below are photos from the recent gymnastics tourney.


Preschool participants.

Second Grade

Second grade participants.

First Grade

First grade participants.

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  1. Nancy Chirhart October 19, 2012 at 12:23 pm #

    WOW! Very impressive———CONGRATULATIONS to ALL these young, aspiring athletes!!! NJChirhart

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