Hardworking intern and volunteer now on staff

New Staff Member Jose Luis

Jose Luis volunteered for nine months after his internship, before joining the staff.

Jose Luis Vasquez, an accounting intern last fall, had a hard time leaving Common Hope after his 200-hour internship was complete. Soon, he was back at Common Hope volunteering, which he continued to do for months while he looked for paid work.

“I liked getting up early every day, coming to work, and accomplishing what needed to be done,” he says. He volunteered in November and December, thinking that after the holidays he wouldn’t come back. But he was drawn to Common Hope again in January, even as he started night classes in auditing at the University Mariano Galvez.

José Luis’s commitment and work ethic paid off—an accounting position opened up this June, and he got the job, starting in September. He couldn’t wait to start work—it was hard for him to stay home until his official start day.

His first week at his first job was an easy transition, since he already knew so much. He made a personal goal for himself to start and understand the job quickly. After a few days, he was already doing things on his own.

Jose Luis says he likes working for an organization that invests in education, because it will make a better future for the children we help. If he could give a piece of advice to kids studying, he would recommend they take full advantage of this opportunity to get an education, because it opens a lot of doors and makes it possible to reach the goals you have for your life. Jose Luis is living proof. Congrats to Jose Luis, and welcome!

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