Diamond jubilee gift + theoretical math = new support

Marcus du Sautoy

Marcus du Sautoy with a certificate describing his diamond jubilee gift to The Queen.

We’ve received a burst of donations from the UK after Oxford mathematician and Common Hope sponsor Marcus du Sautoy gave The Queen a very unusual diamond jubilee gift: a hyper-dimensional symmetrical object. The gift got a lot of press in the UK (BBCLondon Times, WIRED, Oxford University, Oxford Times) and the articles mentioned Marcus’s project, Naming Symmetries for Charity, for those who want their own object in hyperspace. For a donation of £10 or more, Marcus will name a new object in hyperspace after you or a loved one—and all proceeds go to Common Hope! Thanks so much to Marcus for your innovative and enthusiastic support.

To learn more or to request your own symmetrical object, visit Marcus’s project Naming Symmetries for Charity.

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