A great many visitors

Sponsor with Food Bag

A sponsor all ready to go with her food bag for her sponsored student.

Our sponsorship staff in Guatemala field a great many sponsor visits every year. In 2011, they facilitated an incredible 303 sponsor visits in Guatemala. Of those, 271 were individual travelers, while the remaining 32 came with Vision Teams. Rosi Ramos, sponsorship director, has been working to evaluate the visits to see if there were any ways her team could enrich the experience for visitors. As a result, sponsorship staff recently completed several improvements for the visits.

Now, sponsors will have a hands-on opportunity when they visit, a chance to prepare a bag of food that they can purchase as a gift for the family—measuring out the food items that will go a long way for the family, and packing them with care. To facilitate this, the sponsorship staff remodeled their warehouse, installing new shelves to use the space more efficiently and allow the materials to be easily accessed by sponsors. Sponsors will also have the opportunity to take a short tour of our Antigua site before heading out on their visit.

Visitors are always welcome in Guatemala. The visits can be a very memorable experience for sponsors and students alike. Here’s a reflection from one sponsor, Marsha Benshoof, after her visit. And another two from Wendy Vezzosi and her son Scott. Consider planning your own visit in 2013!

Sponsor Packing Bag

A sponsor packs her bag before heading out to visit her sponsored student.

Renovated Warehouse

The renovated and reorganized sponsorship warehouse.


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