Target-US meets Target-Guatemala at New Hope

Target Vision Team at New HopeThe first-ever Vision Team of Target staff traveled to Common Hope this January. A major highlight was meeting up with their colleagues from Target-Guatemala for a special event at New Hope School. This included a presentation of Target’s $25,000 grant for 2013, which will provide funding for New Hope School’s early childhood initiative. The entire school attended the event, which began with a presentation by the sixth graders. Dressed up as mimes, the students waved red and white streamers and presented a series of posters that spelled “The kids of New Hope School want to tell you . . . WELCOME!”

Target-Guatemala’s general manager, Alexander Findley, spoke as part of the ceremony, thanking Target-US for coming and describing Target’s culture of giving back to the community. New Hope School Director Mynor Lemus thanked Target for their ongoing support over the years. Then, the first graders met with the Target team members as a smaller group, presenting cards to each of them with special messages written inside. Afterward, team members from Target-Guatemala presented their own surprise: two piñatas and a cake enjoyed by the whole group.

Finally, the Vision Team traveled with Target-Guatemala to their offices in Guatemala City, where they went on a tour and learned about Target-Guatemala’s volunteering with Common Hope. The Vision Team was very touched by the relationship between New Hope and Target. The day was clearly a very special chance for the two groups to connect. We are grateful for the generosity and support of all involved!

Our 2013 grant from Target was a United Way Worldwide grant on behalf of the generosity of Target.

More photos of the event below.

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