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Brynn and Marly

Two teens, two cultures, so much in common

Sponsorship can help expand our world, teaching us about a culture and background very different from our own. It can also make the world feel a little smaller, showing us the ways we are the same. The latter was the case for Brynn Murray and Marly Rivera when they met earlier this month, after writing […]

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Hot summer weather has finally come to Guatemala. It’s the season of taking trips to waterparks or the beach during these warm months, to swim, splash, and cool down. Since many of our affiliated families can’t afford to take trips out of town, the Common Hope youth staff brought the waterpark to our Antigua site. […]

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Exploring the new world of books

Whether you call him Curious George or the “small, brown monkey,” the little guy has a story to tell. His antics can be enjoyed by parents and preschool children even if no one can read the words on the page. That’s the idea behind our Reading Promotion Initiative, which teaches parents how to share books […]

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