A new door opens in San Rafael

New Classroom

Community members gather at the junior high for the inauguration of the new classroom in San Rafael.

Despite the pouring rain that fell in San Rafael, more than 65 community members gathered to inaugurate the beautiful new junior high classroom. The project was initiated by junior high school principal Priscila Martinez, and San Rafael community leaders, the Ministry of Education, and Common Hope all worked together to look for resources and build the room. The classroom will serve a dual purpose for the community—preschool students will use the space in the morning and junior high students will attend class there in the afternoon.

When we begin to knock on doors, eventually one opens and opportunity appears.
–Priscila Martinez, junior high principal

A great sense of accomplishment filled the classroom as Principal Martinez thanked everyone involved. With tears in her eyes, she dedicated the classroom to the youth of San Rafael. “If we wait around for things to happen on their own, nothing seems to get done,” she said. “But when we begin to knock on doors, eventually one opens and opportunity appears. That is what happened with this project. This classroom is for your future and your community.”

Thanks again to the Buffalo Rotary Club for funding the construction of the classroom and helping to built it. Thanks as well to Inmaco, a local company that donated bricks to adorn one of the walls. More photos of the inauguration below.

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