Cupcakes, watercolors, and a shiny new nickel

Art Auction

Students held an art auction to raise money for Common Hope.

The students at Scope Academy held a bake sale for Common Hope earlier this year. Now, they have held an art auction to raise more donations for the students in San Rafael. They sold their own works of art, and they raised nearly $350!

Anne Reiman, their teacher, has been touched by how much the students took to heart their service for Guatemala and their sponsorship of Susana. She shared the following story with us:

Today one of my preschoolers brought in a special treasure: a shiny new nickel. He was holding on to it all day telling me what he wanted to do with it. Then about half way through the day, he said, ‘Miss Anne, I want to give this coin to Susana in Guatemala.’ I was so touched by this. I can’t believe what a lasting impression this whole Susana project has had on my preschoolers! I just wanted to share this story, because to this little boy, he was giving away a prized possession to help someone in need.

Thank you so much to the students at Scope Academy for sharing your time, talents, and treasure with children in Guatemala.

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