Meet artist, dancer, and singer Eimy Reyes


Sponsorship allows for students to explore the breadth and depth of their interests in school. For Eimy, this has been the arts, which she has loved since she was a little girl.

Opportunities for artistic exploration

Painting, dancing, singing, Eimy has embraced them all––and she has already received recognition for her work. She has sung with the Santo Domingo choir in concerts around town, sometimes with an orchestra accompanying them. She has also created paintings that were in expositions in Guatemala City and Antigua.

Above all, painting is Eimy’s favorite––she feels most inspired while doing it. She likes painting watercolors most, especially landscapes of Antigua and the surrounding countryside. The hardest part is getting the perspective right, she says.

A lifelong avocation

Eimy wants to keep painting into adulthood, continuing to have her art displayed in galleries in her free time. But she also has her sights on a career as a school teacher and/or a psychologist, because of the way they help people. “It makes me feel good to help people and understand them,” she says.

Thanks to sponsorship

Eimy is very grateful for the support she has received to pursue her goals. “Thanks to Common Hope and to my family, I’ve moved forward and accomplished my dreams,” she says. “Common Hope has supported me so much by opening doors for me and giving me the opportunity to keep studying. This is a blessing.”

We wish Eimy luck with her studies and her art in the years to come.

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