Antigua International School exchange

AIS Exchange

Students from the Antigua International School and San Rafael enjoyed games during their final exchange event.

The Antigua International School participated in a community service project with the sixth grade class in San Rafael from February to June of this year. Eleven students participated in the project, which focused on hygiene and nutrition. Students made three trips to San Rafael and then enjoyed a special final activity with San Rafael students at Common Hope’s Antigua site.

On the first visit to San Rafael, the AIS students toured the community and learned about the challenges students and families face. They also learned about the high incidence of malnutrition in Guatemala. On the second and third visits, AIS students cooked healthy meals with the San Rafael sixth graders. For the final activity, students from San Rafael were in charge of cooking. The students also played games and completed a group art project.

Many thanks to the students and faculty at the Antigua International School for your contributions!

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