Injured at work, father gets care he needs to return

Nery at ClinicThe father of four children, Nery Jesus makes a modest salary working in construction to support his family. Sometimes, he finds extra work setting up events on evenings and weekends. On one such temp job last November, things took a turn that threatened Nery’s livelihood for some time to come.

The weight of a moment

The job was setting up and tearing town a half marathon in Quetzaltenango. After the race, Nery and the rest of the crew tore everything down and loaded the equipment into the back of a truck. They climbed in back to ride with all of the materials, including a pile of metal bars and posts.

All of a sudden, the truck swerved, Nery fell, and all the equipment landed on top of him. His foot swelled immediately, and he was rushed to the hospital. The doctors in Quetzaltenango told him that he needed surgery — he had multiple fractures and dislocated bones — but Nery wanted to get back to Antigua first. So the doctors gave him pain meds and he traveled back.

Mounting medical costs

The next morning, Nery went to the Antigua public hospital, where he was examined and sent into reconstructive surgery that same day. Although the surgery was free in the public hospital, Nery needed to pay for the pins and screws put in his foot, which cost more than half a month’s salary. Common Hope covered these medical costs for the family.

Road to recovery

But Nery’s challenges weren’t over — he had a long recovery ahead of him, during which he was unable to work. Since he was the sole breadwinner, the family was without income during this period. Common Hope provided a food basket each month during his recovery, and neighbors, friends, and family pitched in to help them get by. Nery visited the Common Hope clinic regularly to help along his rehabilitation.

Today, Nery still uses a cane and continues to feel some pain, but he says he is just grateful he can still walk. “I’m thankful to God, I’m thankful for the support that Common Hope gave me, and I’m thankful for the help of neighbors and family,” Nery says.

In the past two months, Nery was able to start working again, doing small construction jobs. Although he isn’t 100% yet, he feels much better, and he is happy to provide for his family again.

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2 Responses to Injured at work, father gets care he needs to return

  1. Eva Tyson July 22, 2013 at 5:19 pm #

    How can we help Nery? Do you take small checks? Eva Tyson

  2. katel July 25, 2013 at 10:50 am #

    Thank you for your concern, Eva! Yes, we do take small checks––in a country where families live on several dollars a day, every bit helps. A gift to health care would support the care that Nery is receiving. You can donate online here: or mail a check to Common Hope, PO Box 14298, St. Paul, MN 55114.

    Another way to help, if you are so able, Nery’s son does not yet have a sponsor. A gift of $30 or $60/month would support Jonathan’s education and the family’s goals for the future. You can read about Jonathan here: and sponsor online or contact Jessie Szopinski ( or 651.917.0917).

    Thanks again for your concern!


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