Celebrating a new home

Paulina in Old Home

Paulina in her old home, one room for her family of eight.

Doña Paulina is a sweet, soft-spoken mother of six. She is eager to talk, though, when you ask about her new home.

Until now, her family of eight has been living in a tiny cement room. It is just big enough for the two double beds where all six children, along with Paulina and her husband, sleep every night. Paulina’s kitchen, made out of cornstalk walls and a rusted tin roof, is built off the side of the room.

Now this fall, big changes are in store for Paulina and her family. Thanks to her initiative, the family has earned a new two-room house, being built this week by a Vision Team. Paulina was only affiliated a year ago, but she didn’t waste any time in earning sweat equity for the home. She has also worked for a new stove to replace her open cook fire, allowing her to use fuel more efficiently and route harmful smoke out of her kitchen.

In addition to these housing improvements, the educational outlook of Paulina’s family is looking up. Before Paulina affiliated her family last year, her son Elio, age 14, was having a hard time in fourth grade. Paulina wasn’t sure if she could afford to keep him in school when his success seemed so uncertain. Then, Elio was sponsored by Common Hope and gained access to our educational support programs. He is doing much better in school these days. Congratulations to Paulina and family for the great strides forward in just a year’s time. Here’s to many more strides in the year to come!

More photos of the home build and Paulina’s family below.


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