Many thanks, Gumer

Don Gumer

Gumer Ordoñez is pictured with Tomás, a good student he worked with who made him very proud.


It was don Gumer’s last day on Friday, November 29, after serving Common Hope as a social worker for more than 15 years. Below is an excerpt from the goodbye letter he sent to staff on his last day.

For you with love:

I would like to say goodbye, first of all by saying that I give thanks to God for allowing me to be a part of something so special as Common Hope

I first started work full of illusions and ignorance and here at Common Hope, they trained me, they made me an instrument of God to serve many people.

I’ll remember so many people with gratitude, including Tamalyn, many social workers and different departments of our staff as they helped me grow as a professional.

I don’t want to forget everyone in Saint Paul whose work and dedication allowed the dreams of many families become reality. And I wish many blessings for all the sponsors because their contribution makes our work possible.

Working for Common Hope helped me realize the most important goal in my life—to see my kids graduate and mature as the good people they are. I feel so proud of them. My wife also deserves special credit for this achievement.

It is so very hard to say goodbye when you leave behind a piece of your heart.

With faith and hope for a better future for Guatemala,


Thank you so much, don Gumer, for your many years of dedicated service helping families achieve their goals. To read more reflections from Gumer on his work with Common Hope, click here for a recent newsletter article on him and several other long-serving social workers.

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