Farewell, Rebecca and Ellie

Rebecca and EllieThis week we say goodbye to two wonderful long-term volunteers, Ellie and Rebecca. Ellie served Common Hope for a year and a half as our Short-Term Volunteer Coordinator, finding placements for them to contribute to our programs in ways that fit their skills and interests. Rebecca served for more than two years as a Vision Team Coordinator.

The two have both demonstrated great enthusiasm, skill, and heart for Common Hope’s work of family development. When asked what has surprised her about her work with Common Hope, Rebecca had this to say:

I am always taken back by the kindness of Guatemalans. This not only applies to the wonderful staff that I have the privilege of working with on a daily basis but also to the affiliate families that Common Hope serves. Their resilience to everyday challenges and the will to better their lives inspires me.

Ellie describes the generosity of the families that she came to know and love, demonstrated through a particularly memorable sponsorship visit she witnessed:

Everyone was bursting with excitement, and friends and extended family had all come to meet their little daughter’s sponsor. During the visit, we sang happy birthday, ate cake and homemade tamales, and jumped out of our skin when firecrackers exploded outside the house (a typical birthday celebration!). The family had even prepared a special juice drink with bottled water so as not to upset our sensitive foreign stomachs! It is this enormous generosity that just melts your heart every time.

We thank them for their service and wish them the best in their next chapter. We will miss them both. Learn more about their work through reflections they wrote for our blog. Find Ellie’s reflection here and Rebecca’s here.

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