Year in review, in photos

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A few more highlights from the year—and a few more reasons for hope:

  • More children are receiving a better education every year: This year 3,104 children attended school, from elementary through university, because of your support. An additional 1,600 children benefited from a higher quality of education thanks to the school partnerships you make possible. We celebrated 156 high school graduates with a future looking bright, thanks to their achievement.
  •  Progress toward each family’s hopes and dreams: Social workers made an average of 568 visits each month to the 1,528 families that partner with us, making strides toward their goals.
  • Access to quality health care: Our clinic averaged 943 medical visits every month, and by September we had filled 14,938 prescriptions for our patients. Our dentists saw an average of 198 patients each month, and clinic staff conducted a total of 5,588 screenings for things like diabetes, nutritional deficiencies, and cervical cancer.
  • New homes that are clean, dry, and safe: A total of 27 homes and 30 stoves were built for families through September, and our families worked a total of 3,532 sweat-equity hours to earn those housing improvements.

Thank you for all you do to make these accomplishments possible. You give the gift that keeps on giving–hope.

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