Celebrating a great year of preventive health

Members of Diabetes and Hypertension Group

Members of the diabetes and hypertension groups at the year-end celebration.

Our Antigua clinic held a special year-end celebration for the diabetes and hypertension clubs and their families. Staff wanted to recognize all those that participated this year and encourage them to continue attending in the year to come.

The group enjoyed a healthy lunch of chicken breast, potatoes and lots of steamed vegetables, a meal that was classified as three stars. This is a term nutritionist Rita has taught to both groups—it means the meal includes all food groups and provides energy, protein, and vitamins/minerals.

After the meal, the clinic staff held a little awards ceremony, honoring the patients that attended every one of their monthly consults and awarding them with diplomas and small gifts. Patients with their diabetes or hypertension under good control were also recognized.

The final activity was a live performance of “El Chavo del Ocho,” based on the famous Mexican TV series. This was performed by the same theater group that presented the well-received “Peter and the Wolf” earlier this year. The amphitheater was filled with laughter, and families clearly enjoyed the show. It was a great way to celebrate all those who stayed in good health with the help of our support groups.

More photos of the event below:

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