Nutrition for the early years: a success story

JefersonChildren change and grow so much in the first few years, and a poor diet can have long-term effects on health and achievement. That’s why our clinic places a high priority on ensuring children are getting the nutrition they need. Jeferson Tepé is one such example.

Jeferson had his first nutrition appointment a little over a year ago, when he was 22 months old. He was underweight, at only 86% of his ideal weight and 88% of his ideal height, so Rita Lopéz, Common Hope nutritionist, taught his mother some key strategies for improving and increasing his nutritional intake. The clinic also gave him supplements and whole milk.

Now age 3, Jeferson has reached 96% of his ideal weight and 91% of his ideal height. “The growth curve shows the success of this case so clearly,” says Rita. “What I like about this story is that the mother took all my recommendations to heart, implemented what she learned, and in doing so, she reduced the chronic malnutrition that her son was suffering from.”

What a great example of parents and staff working together to create a better future for children.


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