The Kids Futura Project


Leo Burnett

Students work on their writing samples for the Kids Futura Project with Leo Burnett.


Our first and second graders in Antigua participated in a fun new project with international advertising firm Leo Burnett. Called the Kids Futura Project, the students worked with the staff of the advertising firm to create a new children’s font that will benefit Common Hope. A team from the Guatemala City branch of Leo Burnett came to the Antigua site on school supply day, when they had about 30 first and second graders write out the alphabet and numbers. The Leo Burnett group will then select, combine, and digitize the handwriting to get an appealing, distinctive children’s font. The team plans to market the font worldwide to different advertising agencies, giving the royalties to Common Hope whenever it’s used.

The origins of this project began about a year ago, when Greg Vichick, Global Compliance director for Leo Burnett, visited Common Hope on a Vision Team. While here, Greg had a chance to visit the agency offices in Guatemala City, sparking discussions about how the local office might get involved with Common Hope. Since then, the group brainstormed and strategized to come up with a volunteer project that could engage their unique skills and talents.

Common Hope’s Strategic Planning Director, Jeff Barnes, and Leo Burnett’s Director of Marketing Services, Judith Cobo, and Creative Director, Aviú Polanco, worked together to come up with the idea of the font project. Eight staff members from Leo Burnett came to the Antigua site to help collect the font and take photos and video that will help them market it.

Many thanks to Leo Burnett for this creative fundraising project. We look forward to collaborating more with them in the future!

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