Volunteers show love, brave frigid temps

We’ve always known Common Hope volunteers are the best of the best, but we didn’t fully comprehend the depth of their dedication until tax time. Each January, we call for help to stuff and label tax mailings. With more than 4,300 letters to go out, it’s a two-day process and not the most glamorous job to sign up for.  On Monday, January 27, our hearts were warmed when a record number of volunteers came in to our St. Paul office despite freezing temperatures, which dipped down to -40ºF with wind chill. The next day was just as frigid, yet everyone, plus a few additional helpers, returned to finish the job. The grueling task was even finished before noon!

Our volunteers often give of themselves quietly, but once and a while, it is important to give them the spotlight for their great work. To all of our volunteers in the U.S. and in Guatemala – a huge, heartfelt thank you for all you do!

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