Lia Huber of Nourish Network leads youth group cooking adventure

Last week, a very excited group of kids got to take part in a cooking class led by Lia Huber, founder of Nourish Network. They cooked vegetables and learned how to spice them up using flavored oil, nuts, and a variety of spices. Lia first demonstrated different techniques. Afterward, the kids were allowed to experiment and use their creativity to create their own tasty vegetable dishes. They practiced with guisquil, cauliflower, and green beans. Yum! Lia remarked on Facebook that,

the kids were,”true adventurers,” and were willing to try all kinds of new things.

Lia taught a similar cooking class a couple years ago and the kids were very enthused. This year was no different as the kids lined up to give Lia hugs after the class was finished. We were thrilled to have Lia back leading another Vision Team, and we are thankful she wanted to host another cooking class. What a fun, hands-on way to educate the youth about healthy eating habits and show them that vegetables can be delicious!

If you want to read about Lia’s previous cooking class, you can find it here: Youth group learns to love vegetables, and cook them

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