International puppeteers perform in Antigua

Puppet Show

The puppeteers performed two shows in late Feburary, one called The Sad Violet, pictured above.

Antigua families enjoyed not one but two puppet shows last month, thanks to a group of puppeteers from all over Central America, South America, and Italy. The Chúmbala Cachúmbala Puppet Association uses puppet theater as a tool for teaching, entertainment, and social communication. Currently on tour, they performed a number of shows around the city of Antigua. Common Hope hosted the group during their stay, and in exchange for food and lodging, the group offered shows free of charge to Common Hope families.

The group’s first performance, presented by a puppeteer from Cuba, was an interactive play called La Violeta Triste, or The Sad Violet. It was about a flower who was sad because she was planted behind a wall and never got to see her friend The Sun. The second show, performed by a puppeteer from Italy, was called Acquamatta and told a story about responsible water use and preservation. The performances prompted a lot of interest from families––all told, more than 500 people attended the two shows.

Many thanks to the Chúmbala Cachúmbala Puppet Association for sharing your art with us!

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