Student receives big honor in hometown

Jenifer with Students

Jenifer with a group of preschool students at the school where she is interning.


One of our affiliated students has had the honor and opportunity to demonstrate her leadership skills in her hometown, since being elected Miss Ciudad Vieja. Winning the contest was a big honor, considering how large the town is.

After being nominated to participate in the contest, Jennifer, age 19, accepted the challenge with some reservations. “Sometimes you think you can’t do something,” she says, “until you try and realize you can.” At first she was really nervous, because there were so many people attending the competition. But she got over the nervousness and really enjoyed herself.

There were eight other girls who competed, and each had to perform a choreographed dance. Jenifer chose to dance salsa to this song by Marc Anthony. Contestants also had to answer questions and model different dresses, including an evening gown, a costume, and a casual outfit. In the end, Jenifer rose to the top and was crowned the winner. She was really shocked and excited when she won. And her family was thrilled, because it is truly such a big honor.

Jenifer will graduate as a preschool teacher at the end of this school year. She is currently interning at a public elementary school in a town near Antigua. Her dream is to go on to study child psychology at the college level. In 10 years, she would like to be working as a child psychologist. About her chosen profession, Jenifer says, “I like that little kids are so sincere with what they say and do. You can learn so much from little kids.”

As Miss Ciudad Vieja for the next year, Jenifer will act as a town representative for all cultural, social and sporting events. December was very busy for her because of all the town Christmas activities going on. But Jenifer is up for the challenge. She says she has liked the experience because it has helped her to “come out of my shell.” And it has taught her that when you set your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.

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