New Hope students join global student photo project

Question 3: How do you get to and from school?

Question: How do you get to and from school?

New Hope students had the opportunity this spring to participate in a global photo project called Show Me Your School. Students from 23 elementary schools in 11 countries across five continents participated, including schools in China, France, Ghana, Australia, India, and of course Guatemala. The goal was for these students from all parts of the world to connect with each other by visualizing life at each other’s schools.

Students were tasked with answering a series of questions about their school, through their photos. Topics included how students get to and from school, what educational tools they use to learn, how music and art are included in their school, what sports students play at school, and what meals or snacks students eat at school. It was a great way for students to succinctly and visually share how their educational experiences are similar and different.

The project was organized by Live Learn Act, a US-based nonprofit that strives to bring global education into elementary schools. The organization plans to create a book of the photos later this year. Below is the collection of those taken by our own New Hope students. Thanks much to Live Learn Act for this opportunity!

And Question 13: How is music included in your school?

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