Cheerleading, football, and fútbol

Cheerleading Formation

The girls even did some lifts.

The Vision Team from West Islip High School in New York did a fun activity with the youth group while they were in Guatemala.

Girls on the Vision Team are cheerleaders back home, so they shared some cheers and techniques with the girls of our youth group. Boys on the team play football, the American kind, so they showed the youth group some pointers and played a game. This being Guatemala, the game quickly morphed into a game of futbol—or soccer, as we call it—which was also enjoyed by all. And the girls had a chance to practice their cheerleading skills during the game. It was a fun event of cross-cultural sharing.

You can see more photos of the fun below. Check out more photos from the team, including all of their Vision Team highlights, over at their photo diary.

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