Vocational baking class helps 11 students discover hidden talents


Students from the vocational baking class with their beautiful cakes


Every Saturday, 11 students gather together to practice their craft and learn new skills. Enrolled in a new vocational baking class, the kitchen is their classroom, where they discover talents they didn’t know they had.

The students had their first opportunity to showcase their new-found talents to their family, friends, and classmates at a cake exposition that took place this summer. Hosted by CECATI (Training Centers for Industrial Work), the exposition displayed cakes decorated by each of the 11 students from Common Hope and students from other classes as well. They were judged and evaluated on the taste of the cake and their cake decorating skills.

Lesbia, one of our social workers, had the opportunity to be a representative for Common Hope at the exposition. She got to try a little bit of each cake and said that they were all so delicious, it hard to choose which one was the best.

As a social worker, Lesbia has grown close to many of the students. To see them all dressed up in their chef uniforms with the beautiful cakes they had created, was an emotional moment for her. She remarked,

Luis Fernando (pictured right)

Luis Fernando (pictured right)

“When we see the students in the community going to the fields in their work clothes, they are so different when they are working a skill they have learned through generations in the field. Now they could be bakers!”

Another special moment during the exposition was when CECATI recognized Common Hope student Luis Fernando for his exceptional skills and admired the fact that he already sold one of his cakes. At 13 years old, Luis is the youngest student in the class, but has already developed a big talent for baking and decorating.

Lesbia mentioned that when Common Hope started this new vocational opportunity for students, there were doubts whether or not it would really impact their lives. However, after the exposition, all doubts were eliminated. Everyone looks forward to seeing more beautiful (and delicious) creations from this talented group of bakers!

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