Día del Niño


The clowns, played by members of the Youth Group, entertained the crowd with their silly skits.


Día del Niño (Day of the Child) is celebrated worldwide on October 1st. Common Hope celebrated this special occasion on September 27th at our Antigua site and on October 5th in a local town called Hermano Pedro.

And what a fun celebration it was! In Antigua, the children enjoyed many exciting activities including balloon animals, face painting, clowns, games, and a raffle. There was also a play, which was performed by the new theatre group. They acted out Cinderello, a version of Cinderella with the gender roles reversed. The students in the theatre group rehearsed the play for about a month leading up to Día del Niño, and they even designed their own costumes! All of their hard work and preparation was well worth it as the play was a hit with all of the children. Around 200 people attended the events that day in Antigua.

Kids from the Youth Group who live in Hermano Pedro worked hard to organize the celebration in their town on October 5th. They invited their peers, friends, and family members to join in the activities. There were clowns, games, and another play performance from the theater group. Approximately 250 students and adults participated in the day’s events in Hermano Pedro.

Both days were fantastic fun for the kids. There were a lot of smiles and a lot of laughter, which is exactly how Día del Niño should be celebrated. A round of applause for the Youth Group and the Theatre Group for making our Día del Niño celebrations so successful!


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