The World Cup inspires Día de la Familia at New Hope

Families wore the jerseys of their favorite World Cup team.

Families wore the jerseys of their favorite World Cup team.

New Hope School hosts an annual celebration called Día de la Familia, or Day of the Family. It’s a special day set aside for fun and games, but also for recognizing the importance of family and encouraging parents to get involved at the school. The celebration continues to grow in popularity, and this year there was a large turnout with family members of all ages attending the festivities.

In light of an exciting World Cup, the theme for this year was The World in Family and the slogan was, “Let’s celebrate the excitement of family life.” Families were asked to wear the jerseys of their favorite teams, and all of the games that day had a hint of the World Cup.

Families stayed together in teams to participate in many of the games, which included bowling, soccer, memory, and chibolones–a popular Guatemalan marble game. There was also a spinning top, a carnival-style fishing pond, a lottery, and a raffle. The day ended with a break dance routine by some of the students.

Common Hope continues to look forward to this event each year. Patty Figueroa, Director of Human Resources, said that it was a great way to celebrate the families that are part of our big Common Hope family.


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