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Orlando Gustavo

With a 3rd and 6th grade education, my parents currently work as a mason’s assistant and tortilla maker, but it is inconsistent work. I am almost done with the 3rd grade and have passed each one of my classes this year! I have big dreams of becoming a doctor.

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Glenda Marisol

My parents and eight siblings live in the community of San Rafael el Arado, where my parents work as farmers. I am four years old and have just started school. The Common Hope Education Promoters are helping me prepare for school by doing reading activities every week.

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Belizardo Emmanuel

I am seven years old and in 1st grade. My parents, eight siblings and I live on our employer’s land just outside of Antigua. I do my homework in the afternoons with help from my sister. When I grow up I want to be an Accountant. After school, I help my dad to cut firewood.

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Ayda Noemí

My mom is raising me and my sister by herself. She makes a small income selling snow cones and tending a farm. I am 11 years old and in 4th grade but school has been difficult for me this year. I am looking for a sponsor who is willing to take a risk on me.

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José Luis

Studying in 8th grade and being 19 years old is often times difficult as I’m the oldest in my grade. I hope to be a bank manager. My mother does the best that she can for my brother and I, but she makes very little money washing clothes and our living conditions are poor.

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Kimberly Yesenia

I am in 2nd grade and hope to be a Physical Education Teacher. My father wants to improve our lives and our living conditions since the place where we live puts us at risk for mudslides. Along with working full-time, my father is also trying to attend University for Industrial Engineering.

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