Gallery of students for sponsorpalooza

Ericka Lazaro

My older sister, Cindi, is graduating this year from high school and she has been a role model to me to keep on studying. I like learning new things in school and I’m studying to become a secretary. Besides my schoolwork, I help with chores at home like washing clothes, washing dishes, and sweeping.

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Mayra Sanchez

I will be graduating with a certificate in Computer Science and I look forward to finding a job in this area once I complete my education. Both of my parents have less than a 6th grade education so it is important to them as well that I graduate.

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Katherine Lopez

With 6th grade educations my mother works as a nanny and my father is a mason. I am studying to be an Early Childhood Bilingual School Teacher and would eventually like to be a Forensic Psychologist. My mother likes to help me with homework and wants to return to school herself.

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Aldair Ramos

When I started high school this year, I was very lonely because I didn’t trust the people that surrounded me. However, I now have new friends – Luis, Carlos and Bryan. I have chosen the Electrician career path and am looking forward to graduating in a couple years.

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Verónica Hurtarte

I am coming up on my final year of high school and will be graduating with a certificate in Early Childhood Intercultural Bilingual Teaching. My father, who is a security guard, has dreams of seeing my sister and I graduate from high school and go to University.

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