Because of your support,
many children are in school who wouldn’t be otherwise. But how are they doing once there? Quite well, in fact.


Beating the Odds

It’s our partnership with their families and breadth of opportunities you help us provide that combine to make their education a reality. More



Because of you, Common Hope’s revenue and programs grew in 2008. Revenue from ongoing operations surpassed $3.8 million which represents 8% growth over 2007. More

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San Rafael threatened by flooding

Not even half-way through the rainy season, the village of San Rafael suffered one of the most destructive storms it has experienced in some time. Because San Rafael cannot count on plumbing or tubing to divert rain water that comes down the surrounding mountains, dirt roads can easily turn into muddy rivers with strong currents. More


Navigating detours to education

A few years ago, Veronica Aguilar had found a precarious balance of school, homework, friends, and coping with her parents’ divorce. A few months before her 18th birthday, however, she received news that would forever change her life: Veronica was pregnant. More


Preparing children for the classroom

Representing occupational therapy master’s programs from universities across the United States, the group’s goal was to train Common Hope social workers on early childhood stimulation techniques that they could share with affiliated families. In turn, the Common Hope social workers and other staff provided a cross-cultural training site for the NAPA group. More


2008 Accomplishments

Get some actual numbers on the all the work you made possible with your contributions of time, talents, supply donations, and consistent giving. More


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