From the Heart

Thank you for choosing to sponsor a child through Common Hope. We invite you to partner with us as you select one of the children featured below and help them achieve their dreams. When you sponsor a child, you do more than support the child’s education. You provide their whole family with the resources they need to create a brighter future. In turn, you will have the opportunity to build a relationship with a single child and their family, even though they live thousands of miles away.  Learn what life is like in a developing country and see how you can make a difference for a family in need.

To complete your sponsorship, select one of the 15 children featured below and let us know whether you want to serve as sole sponsor at $60 per month or share the sponsorship with another at $30 per month. Simply hover over the child’s picture to learn more about them, and then click to fill out the sponsorship form. To speak to someone in person feel free to contact us at (651) 917-1045 or We will guide you through this rewarding and heartwarming journey. Thank you for your commitment to children and families in need.