To our friends at First Presbyterian Church of New Canaan – we are thrilled that you have chosen to partner with us as we bring hope and opportunity to 10 students and their families who live in communities surrounding Antigua, Guatemala.

These students’ families are dedicated to the education of their children and though they try their best, some are still unable to afford to send their kids to school. By sponsoring a child, you make it possible for one student to attend school and their whole family to receive health care, housing, and family development support. In turn, you get to know a child and a culture thousands of miles away and gain valuable perspective about what’s important in life.

To sponsor a child, select one of the 10 children featured below and let us know whether you want to serve as sole sponsor at $60 per month or share the sponsorship with another at $30 per month. Simply hover over the child’s picture to learn more about them, and then click to fill out the sponsorship form. If you want to learn more, feel free to contact us at or call (651) 917-1045. We will guide you through this amazing and rewarding journey. Thank you for your commitment to children and families in need.