Hey PwC, you are awesome! Thanks for checking out this online gallery featuring the faces and stories of six kids in Guatemala. 

In Guatemala, only 1 in 4 kids graduate from high school. Common Hope’s goal is to keep kids in school and on track by supporting their entire family. Right now, we are partnering with more than 14,000 individuals in 27 communities, offering health care, housing and family development programs. In November, we will celebrate our 2,000th graduate!

PwC will be hosting a time for you to learn more about Common Hope on Wednesday, September 27th from 9:30 – 11:30am. Come by anytime to find out ways you can make a BIG impact in the lives of families living in Guatemala and keep classrooms full! As a bonus, free coffee and snacks will be provided! Please contact Katie Anderson at katherine.m.anderson@pwc.com to learn about this event or to hear her personal story about being a sponsor for Iliana.


One way to make a HUGE impact in the life of student in Guatemala is by sponsoring them. Your sponsorship dollars help provide the opportunity for education, an opportunity that changes lives. Below are six students that are already part of Common Hope’s program, attending school, but now they just need a sponsor. For as little as $30 per month, you will help financially support a child’s education. But more than that, you will be establishing a personal relationship with a student who needs extra encouragement. Many times, a sponsor’s words of encouragement are the difference between staying in school and dropping out.



If you’re not ready to become a sponsor, that’s okay! Any and every amount has an impact. We greatly appreciate your support.