“If you’ve got that feeling that there’s a little, tiny bit of hope, that small spark, it’ll turn into a flame.”  -Nikki Steele, sponsor
“It just builds and builds and builds, and all it takes is one person.”  -Rob Piechel, sponsor

Why sponsor?

The above quotes are from some of our current sponsors—on why they sponsor, and on the difference it makes. Sponsors inspire hope in their students, and hope is a powerful thing. It inspires children to stay in school despite great challenges and to reach that hurdle of graduation with skills for a professional career. You can help create that spark for 25 more kids this spring. Our goal is to do so before summer begins on Friday, June 21.

Please watch the video about the impact of sponsorship, then meet the bright and hardworking children below. And please share with friends and family who might be able to help. We can’t do this without you!


Let’s spark hope for these 25 kids!