As a volunteer, you can offer vital resources to Common Hope: fresh enthusiasm, proven expertise, and hard work. In turn, Common Hope strives to engage our volunteers in meaningful ways. Our goals for the volunteer program are to build relationships that support our work; to foster encounters that educate, provoke compassion, and challenge complacency; and to connect needs with resources.

In the U.S.

Volunteers across the U.S. provide important support for Common Hope’s daily operations. They organize mailings, fundraise, network, advocate, and  provide administrative assistance. Some work in our U.S. office, others work from home. Click here for more information on volunteering in the U.S.

In Guatemala

Volunteers in Guatemala share directly in Common Hope’s work with people in need. Their presence reminds the children and families of the extensive network of people who support their success. There are several ways to volunteer in Guatemala.

  • Vision Teams: Common Hope hosts volunteer teams on a short-term basis. Vision Teams are comprised of 10-12 volunteers who spend eight days in Antigua volunteering.
  • Short-term Volunteers: This volunteer program is for people interested in traveling to Antigua independently to offer their time and talents to serve others. The typical short-term volunteer experience combines elements of service and education.
  • Long-term Volunteers: These volunteers commit to work with Common Hope for one year or longer. Their leadership, expertise, and old fashioned hard work are an integral part of what has made Common Hope a highly respected human development organization. Common Hope currently has nine positions filled by long-term volunteers from the U.S., while 95 percent of our staff in Guatemala is Guatemalan.

We hope you will consider supporting one of our volunteers or becoming one yourself. Call our U.S. office at 651-917-0917 or send an email to inquire about volunteering opportunities. You can also check our current position openings to learn more about how you can volunteer for Common Hope.