Accomplishments in 2014

Below are highlights of the accomplishments of 2014, made possible with your support.

  • 3,133 students studied in preschool through university.
  • 144 of 152 (95%) students who were eligible for graduation received their high school diploma.
  • Our Partner School Program improved the quality of education for more than 2,600 kids and 101 teachers in seven public schools.
  • Our medical team saw 10,100 patients and provided 7,812 lab screenings.
  • 28 families worked sweat-equity hours to earn new homes and 20 received access to clean water and electricity.
  • 1,523 families received one-on-one support from Common Hope social workers.

Our 2014 Donor Impact Report is available online. Click for a full review of 2014 activities and audited financials.