Accomplishments in 2015

Below are highlights of the accomplishments of 2015, made possible with your support.

  • 4,718 students were served by Common Hope programs
  • 147 students received their high school diploma and are now agents of change in their communities
  • 9,872 visits were made to the library, which is important to note as most of our families do not own books and many parents do not know how to read
  • 12,228 letters were written by students and their sponsors who exchanged words of encouragement and support
  • 29 new houses were built for families who now have a place that is clean, dry, and safe to call home
  • 10,035 one-on-one visits were made by Common Hope social workers

Our 2015 Donor Impact Report is available online. Click for a full review of 2015 activities and audited financials.