Accomplishments in 2009

  2,567 students attended school in 2009 with the help of Common Hope, and 125 of those graduated from high school. Another 198 graduated from sixth grade, while the average Guatemalan has only 5.4 years of school.  125  high school students graduated with the skills for professional careers, in a country where the average adult has not completed elementary school. 86%  of Common Hope students K-12 advanced to the next grade, compared to the national average of only 76%, despite working with the most impoverished children that are least likely to succeed.   3,504 social work visits occurred with the families who partner with us. Families utilized the time to check in about their challenges, goals, and progress made.  11,299  medical and dental visits were fielded by our Antigua clinics, providing both preventive and curative care, filling 24,500 prescriptions, and performing 4,400 lab screenings.  29  homes were earned by families and built by them alongside Common Hope staff and volunteers. In addition, 9 stoves were built, routing harmful wood smoke out of the homes.  5,245   sweat-equity hours were worked by families to earn homes that are clean, dry, and safe.  12,617  volunteer hours were worked by more than 300 volunteers in Guatemala and the U.S.