Our programs are carefully and thoughtfully developed in response to the expressed needs of those we serve. In everything we do, we strive to support families in their struggle for independence and dignity. We try to do only that which people cannot do for themselves, and we require active participation from families. Ultimately, our programs strive to provide the support families need to move beyond the day-to-day struggle to invest in their long-term goals for a better life. Below are Common Hope’s four major program areas.


Learn how we provide the necessary resources for thousands of impoverished students to stay in school and be more successful students.

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Health Care

Read more about how we help families address basic curative and preventive health needs so that health issues do not become a barrier to education.

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Learn how families can earn housing improvements so their homes are clean, dry, and safe.

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Family Development

Read about how our social workers help families identify their goals for a better life and make strides to achieve them.

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