Sponsorpalooza is a campaign to honor current sponsors and encourage new sponsors to BE THE HOPE for an impoverished student in Guatemala.


When you become a sponsor, you provide support and encouragement to a student as they work towards their dream of high school graduation.


You are giving the gift of HOPE!





Receiving a high school diploma is so important, especially in Guatemala where only 17% of the population graduates from high school. With a diploma, a person can double their lifetime earning potential and break their family out of poverty. Unfortunately, there are many barriers that prevent students from graduating–like the cost of education, which many families cannot afford. Chronic sickness, hunger, and unsafe housing also play a role in a student’s ability to receive an education.


Common Hope’s work centers on removing these barriers. Our comprehensive programs make it possible for a student to attend school and for the student’s entire family to receive quality health care, housing, and social work services.


The path to graduation in Guatemala is a difficult one. But with continued support and encouragement from a sponsor, a student is much more likely to succeed in school. You can BE THE HOPE for a student in need.



At any given time, there are more than 600 students who are looking for someone like you to BE THE HOPE. With a monthly gift of just $60, you can provide everything a student needs to be successful in the classroom. Your donation also provides the student’s entire family with access to our health care, housing, and family development services.


But sponsorship is more than a monetary gift – it’s about building a relationship. Common Hope will connect you to a student in Guatemala. You will receive a photo and twice-yearly letters from them, along with Activity Reports that outline how your student is doing.


As a sponsor, you are free to write your student as frequently as you would like. Common Hope also offers the opportunity to visit your student in Guatemala!