Sponsor a child and change a life.

A sponsorship can change not only the life of a child in Guatemala, but yours as well. With your support, a child and his or her family will receive access to Common Hope’s comprehensive programs to ensure that he or she can go to school, visit the doctor, and live in a clean, safe house. Children living in Guatemala are not that different from you or me. They have hopes and dreams, but they simply lack the resources to make them come true. You can provide the support that renews their sense of possibility and encourages them to succeed. Sponsor a Child


Over 200 sponsors visit their child in Guatemala each year. Whether traveling with one of Common Hope’s Vision Teams or on their own, sponsors tell us over and over again how meaningful it is to meet their child for the first time or watch their student graduate from high school. Sponsors can also exchange letters and photos with their student by post or email.

Common Hope believes that education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty. School is mandatory in Guatemala only through sixth grade, and many children leave school before then to work in unskilled jobs like picking coffee. We offer all of our services to families in exchange for keeping their children in school.


You could change everything


For children living in poverty, the basic costs of school supplies can be the sole reason why they can’t go to school. Our Education Program covers all costs, including tuition, books, and school supplies. We also provide extra academic and social support for students who are struggling.

Health Care

A child’s ability to show up and do well at school depends greatly on his or her health. Our Health Care Program provides basic health care for families as well as dental care, pre-natal education and nutrition services.


A child’s home can cause many sick days, so our Housing Program provides the opportunity for families to work sweat-equity hours to earn a home that is clean, dry, and safe. Families can earn additional housing improvements such as a stove, latrine, cement floor, retaining wall, and utilities like electricity and running water.

Social Work

Each family has its unique challenges that hinder them from moving out of poverty. Through our Family Development Program, each family collaborates with a Common Hope social worker to create goals and plans to achieve them. Families also have access to employment services, legal assistance, AA, parenting education, and emergency relief.

Sponsor a child

Ready to change lives?  Click on the button to sponsor a child now.  Once you’ve chosen the child you’d like to support and made your donation, we’ll mail you a photo and information packet which will include more details about your sponsored child and our sponsorship program.  If you have questions at any time, please feel free to call us at (651) 917-1045 or email us at sponsorship@commonhope.org.

How much does it cost?

The full cost to sponsor a child is $60 per month. At this donation level, you will be the sole sponsor of the child, a Lead Sponsor. Alternatively, you can commit $30 per month and become a Guiding Sponsor. At this donation level, you will share your sponsorship with another Guiding Sponsor.

Sponsor a Child

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