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Enjoying the Show

A circus for this year’s preschool talent show

Last Thursday the children and teachers of the Antigua preschool presented their ever-charming talent show, a favorite annual event. This year, it was a circus theme: lions jumping through hoops, monkeys riding tricycles, baby gymnasts tumbling, ballet dancers twirling. There was also a special guest performance by a mime named Tamagochi, famous in Antigua for performing on […]

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Happy Guatemalan Independence Day!

Tomorrow, September 15, is Guatemalan Independence Day, and children at our Antigua preschool have been celebrating all week. Activities included dressing up in typical clothing—the boys even had mustaches, which is typical for traditional Guatemalan men—reciting the national anthem, running the torch, and making paintings sharing what they loved about their country. Photos of the […]

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Bringing school fun home

We’ve shared a number of stories with you about the work our education promoters are doing in our partner schools. We’ve also shared about students who have made big improvements in conduct, attendance, and grades. Well, there’s another group of supporting actors in that success: our social workers. In San Rafael, social workers have begun […]

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Meet Ligia Pol, education promoter

Education promoters are on the front lines of Common Hope’s latest initiative to provide greater educational opportunities for Guatemalan children. Ligia Pol’s work day starts early. She wakes at 5:30 a.m. to prepare classroom materials before catching a ride into San Rafael an hour later.  Arriving at school around 7:30 a.m., Ligia greets all 15 […]

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Enthusiasm builds for library, reading, and school, even over break

Over their school break, kids were reading picture books, putting together puzzles, and running around outdoors playing games. At the same time, they were building their skills in reading, problem solving, and teamwork. And having a blast while doing so. Education promoters were hard at work over the school break, promoting our library, leading reading […]

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