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Happy Guatemalan Independence Day!

Tomorrow, September 15, is Guatemalan Independence Day, and children at our Antigua preschool have been celebrating all week. Activities included dressing up in typical clothing—the boys even had mustaches, which is typical for traditional Guatemalan men—reciting the national anthem, running the torch, and making paintings sharing what they loved about their country. Photos of the […]

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Una gran celebración de la lectura

Los estudiantes de Nueva Esperanza han leído todos los libros de la biblioteca, dice el director de la escuela, Mynor Lemus. Por eso estaban tan emocionados este lunes cuando les llevaron 203 libros nuevos, gracias a Target-Guatemala – libros que se van a agregar a la colección de literatura en la biblioteca de Nueva Esperanza. […]

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Learning about those ALTO signs

The local transit police made their annual visit today to the Antigua preschool. They put on a very fun activity that also taught important lessons about traffic laws. The kids rode bikes, small cars, and even a tractor around a course. They had to obey all traffic laws—stopping for pedestrians and stop signs, not crossing […]

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