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Science in the classroom

Renato Westby, program development director, was in the US office this spring for strategic planning and shared some updates about the school partner initiative. He says the promoters have been well-received by students and staff in the school. Below are videos of a science project where San Rafael students explored the power of forced air. […]

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School partnership in the eyes of a teacher and student

Meet First Grader Javier
This year, eight-year-old Javier is repeating first grade at the public school in San Miguel Escobar. Last year, he showed confusion over certain letters of the alphabet and had extreme difficulty learning to read and write. Common Hope psychology staff evaluated him and concluded that, although Javier appeared to have problems understanding and retaining information, he showed no signs of having a mental disability.

Mirna, Javier’s social worker, noted that some of Javier’s difficulties might stem from the lack of encouragement he received at home from his father. But the crowded classrooms and lack of individualized attention Javier received at school were holding him back as well; last year, Javier’s first grade classroom had 35 children. […]

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One last visit with a family that is graduating

by Teresa Hermodson-Olsen Teresa shared a story from her recent Vision Team trip that captures one of the ultimate outcomes of Common Hope’s work in Guatemala — a family becoming stable and self-sufficient enough to graduate from our program and support themselves completely. On Thursday I had my sponsorship visit with Blanca and her family.  […]

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Visiting Nataly

by Melissa Wanner, on behalf of Joel Wanner Melissa Wanner helped record her husband Joel’s Vision Team experience through a blog they shared with family and friends. Below is an excerpt of several entries, recounting Joel’s moving visits with his sponsored student Nataly. On Friday morning, Joel loaded up in a van with the social […]

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Thinking of Braulio

by George Allen George Allen traveled to Guatemala on a Vision Team this October, where he helped build a home for Braulio and his family.  The family had earned  the home by working sweat-equity hours. Once home, George recounted the following story. The construction site rested atop several city blocks on a steep hill; being […]

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