Teachers2Teachers—International (T2T-I) partnered with Common Hope this past November by conducting a two-day workshop for educators that focused on mathematical pedagogy. Approximately twenty-five teachers from Antigua and New Hope participated in this workshop, along with Carlos Lopez Levia, Chadd McGlone and Karen Rothschild, the T2T-I members who facilitated this learning experience. Together, they worked in groups and discovered new and creative methods to enhance their instruction in math. At the end of the workshop, one teacher stated: “I think I can be a friend of mathematics and enjoy them.” Chadd mentioned that the learning experience was mutual and that the T2T-I group learned a lot from the teachers in Guatemala as well. For more information about the workshop, visit Chadd’s blog entry.

Teachers2Teachers—International was created to provide teachers with professional training for the mathematics and science classroom. They send teams of experienced coaches to schools in all parts of the world to partner with the local teachers, and the expertise and knowledge of the local staff is included in designing the professional development program. They serve students, educators and schools with the goal of achieving excellence in the subjects of math and science. Thank you, T2T-I for visiting Common Hope and reminding us that teaching and learning mathematics is exciting, fun, and fulfilling!