Educated Women are Empowered Women

Research has shown that educated girls can change the trajectory of their own lives, reverse the cycles of poverty, generate economic growth and in turn change their communities for the better. Educated women receive higher lifetime earnings and lead healthier, [...]

Traditional Clothing of Guatemala’s resilient Mayan women

Indigenous Peoples' Day, celebrated on the second Monday in October, is an important holiday that seeks to honor and celebrate Native populations and their customs. It’s a day where Native culture, history and contributions should be embraced and brought to [...]

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Feeding the soul! Common Hope Executive Board Member, Amalia Moreno-Damgaard, shares her passion for her homeland and food across the country

Local celebrity chef and author, Amalia Moreno-Damgaard has been serving on the Common Hope Executive Board since 2010. A Guatemalan, she understands, intimately the beauitful culture of Guatemala. Gratefully, this year she is again creating the menu [...]